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Andrew 9 weeks


Andrew 4 months












Keeley and 'Marsz' (Keeleys attempt at Marshmallow) are great little friends now. Sleep time routine is to get Marshmallow, walk up the stairs of our house to the Nursery, pop them both in the cot and listen to Keeley sing to her until they both go to sleep. Your comforter is convenient to travel with, even over night stays, she slips right into the nappy bag without too much bulk and Keeley looks for her when she gets sleepy through the day and at night. An easy addition to sleep routine with the only concern being " Can Marshmallow take so many cuddles every day".

Thank you. I have, and will continue to recommend your comforters to friends and families with little ones.

Natalie and Keeley (and Marsz too!!)

P.S I hope you enjoy the peace of the photo ... great friends for ever!!

You are GREAT.  Not only did the bunnys arrive today in fantastic condition. BUT ... mums group was at my house this morning and the postie turned up with everyone here.  They were so happy and impressed with them.  There was lots of talk about sleeping with them tonight and using them tomorrow.  A few have been waiting to use them to ween their wraps.  I will let you know how they go.  Beca loves hers and went straight for the ears.  I will be using the new one at daycare. 

Mothers group in Sydney

I wanted to let you know how much Jordan loves his Snugzee.  Not only has Snugzee become part of his sleep routine, but daily play as well.  It's amazing how much mischief a bunny and an octopus can get into!  Children have such wonderful imagination and Snugzee has become part of Jordan's everyday adventures.  What a great product!


Cameron loves "Boo", and find his silky ears particularly tasty! It was great to find a comforter that was a good size, safe for little ones and Aussie made!

Well done
Karen & Craig, Brisbane

'Just a quick note to say I have received Bradley's Snugzee and he loves it. He took to it straight away. My almost 3 year old, daughter thinks it is pretty special too, and she keeps asking for one. I might get her one for her birthday in April. Thanks again for a great product,'


I am so happy everything has worked out with Nelly been unwrapped, she now sleeps with ease in her sleeping bag and her best friend Miffi.  I would like to thank you for all of your support and will be recommending you to my entire mothers group.

Keep up the good work.
Adam & Kath  

I purchased a Snugzee at the Kids Expo at Fox Studios in Sydney earlier this Year. Our baby absolutely loves him. He has become invaluable to us at sleep time, hence the need to purchase another Snugzee...just in case! Thanks for a great product.



I have looked at as many comforters as I could find to try to get my twin boys to get attached and they didn't like any of them until we got Snugzeez, they fight over them!! The bit I like best is they are Australian made by a Mum.

Mother on Essential Baby website

THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Took me a while to get back to you, but Hayden loves his three snugzees and giggles with joy as soon as we hand it to him. He rubs it on his face and sucks on its ears to get to sleep and no longer needs his dummy. He’d take it everywhere with him if we’d let him!!


Well, my little man has had his Snugzee for a few weeks now and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.  At risk of sounding like a commercial...protesting has become a thing of the past when we put Harrison to bed now.  Instead of the countless trips to his room to settle him, he happily plays with his Snugzee and we usually don't quite know when he actually drifts off.  And there is no longer a need for a dummy at night.  If he is not chewing on an ear or playing with  the knots, he is actually sucking on his own fingers which is great because he can always find them.   We have an overseas trip coming up in a few weeks and I'm sure with his little bedtime friend in tow, Harrison will adapt to the strange beds a lot easier than he would have with just a dummy.  Well done on a great product.

Kind regards
Jennifer Seitanidis (& Harrison)

You’ll be happy to hear that JJ sleeps with “Smilie” every day and loves him dearly. Thanks for making such a terrific product!! I don’t think I’m biased when I say this (or am I???) but doesn’t Jacob look sooooooo adorable in this photo???

Susan Murray

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for being so kind. I am disappointed that I didn't get to come along to the expo and meet you - maybe next year!  Like her Cindies, she absolutely loves the new Snugzeez. She even prefers them to her dummy which is great!

Thanks again, I really appreciate your generosity and customer service - it is a rare occurrence these days! 

Kind Regards,

Hannah does love her Snugzee, even goes to child care with her.

Simone Tyrell

'...she nuzzles 'Luna' to fall asleep and also plays with it when she wakes, just chats and giggles. Especially the tag she loves to chew on. Kiana really loves Luna now. When I carry her to bed she now almost nose-dives off my arms into her cot and Luna is the first thing she grabs.'

Thanks again and all the best,

Annett, Greg & Kiana

Thanks so much, its Andrew's second Snugzeez, we bought a Bobby when he was 9 weeks old and he still sleeps with it every night.

Kind regards and thanks again


Our son is 15 months old and I think he was seven or eight months when we got his Snugzee for him, and he still loves it! I look forward to picking out another Snugzee when we have our next baby!

Thank you




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